Winter Attractions


In the North of Superior region, winter comes early and stays late. This makes it a very appealing destination for snowmobilers. Enjoy top-rate rides on the extensive trail network, which is maintained by North of Superior’s eight dedicated OFSC snowmobile clubs.

The northeastern corner and north shore of Lake Superior, and the Greenstone region, provide for some awesome and challenging riding. The Superior Snow Challenge Touring Loops connect sixteen communities through a network of more than one thousand (1000) miles of groomed trails.

The lure of the touring loops is the variance in terrain and trails. In some areas, trails are based on logging roads, which provides for some smooth wide-open running. The challenge is, it’s not all wide-open running. There are hills, power lines, forests, and beautiful vistas. All of this makes for some tremendous scenery and some amazing riding. Add in the “snowmobiler-friendly” hospitality in this unique part of Northern Ontario, and you have the making of a spectacular, challenging and enjoyable ride.

Snowmobiling for Ontario Residents

  • All Ontario residents must register their motorized snow vehicles (MSV) with the Ministry of Transportation, display the registration numbers and show proof of insurance.
  • All Ontario residents must display a current validation of their MSV.

Snowmobiling for Non-Residents

  • All non-residents must produce evidence of insurance and registration, or bill of sale and comply with Ontario’s snowmobile regulations.
  • U.S. residents who are not compelled to insure their snowmobile in their own state must have liability coverage while in Ontario.


Our cozy cabins make camping easy even in the winter! They are well insulated and equipped with a lovely fire place heater.

Mink Maison offers 144 square feet of living space and sleeps 5.

Neys Nook offers 192 square feet of living space and sleeps 7.

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